• Category: Manufacturer
    Address: the southside of High TEC 12th road ,SHAANXI ,CHINA
    Zip code: 721013
    City: BAO JI
    Country: China
    Tel.: 86-0917-6735868
    Email: 3246173907@qq.com
    Website: www.xwmetal.com
    Description: make titanium ,nickel ,water treatment product
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BaoJi XINWANG Nonferrous Metal Factory located in GaoXin 12 Road,High-tech Development Zone,BaoJi City, Shannxi Province, China .Is a professional engaged in titanium and titanium alloys, refractory metals, coating materials, rods, wire, tubes, plates, shaped pieces, rare materials processing, production, R & D, and sales of integrated enterprise.

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