About Us

Union of China-Europe Non-Ferrous Metals (CENFEM) is focusing on the combination of top-ranking information technology, professional management experience on the field of non-ferrous metals and sales and service team in European market to create a new brand of non-ferrous metal e-commerce between China and Europe. Our core competitiveness is the business intelligence technology based on AI and NLP to provide value-added services for the partners and customers relied on the analysis and processing of the big data.

CENFEM is the window for the Chinese non-ferrous metal enterprises in Europe, which narrows the distance between Chinese enterprises and the European market. Undoubtedly, the Chinese producers will find infinite business opportunities and the European customers will find great interests here. We create the international e-commerce age of Chinese non-ferrous metal industry in Europe, takes the Chinese non-ferrous metal raw materials and finished products to the European market, and brings the European precision manufacturing technology, advanced processing methods and high-end materials to the Chinese market as well.

Our Services

  • The online real-time trading and online transaction of spot market and futures market of China-European non-ferrous metals.
  • Relevant certifications for imported products from Chinese suppliers in Europe, including product inspection, performance test, TUV certification of the materials, VDTUV and GL certification of the products and IZFP inspection and certification.
  • German, English and Chinese translation for the importing and exporting documents, as well as the interpretation for the conferences and business negotiations.
  • Payment guarantee (LC, loan, payment functions, etc.).
  • International logistics service, customs clearance in European ports, cargo inspection, forwarding agent in European contracting parties, etc.
  • Privileges for certified members, including the certifications for company types (producer, trader and service provider), value-added services based on the analysis and processing for the big data.
  • International communication and training, experts and scholars exchange and exhibition planning of the professional field.
  • Professional information, including latest technologies, industry trends, legal institution and regulations, environment protection and non-ferrous regeneration.

Our Team

  • Team with Doctors of engineering, majoring in material science, who is the senior expert in the field of material research and application. His main direction of study is titanium alloy and biological ceramic composite materials. He has been engaged in business management and capital operation for over 15 years in Europe.
  • Team with Doctors of engineering, majoring in computer science, who has been engaged in scientific research, software development and team management in the field of information technology for over 25 years. He has rich experience in system design and development of e-commerce, as well as online marketing.
  • Marketing team, who has long been engaged in the sales and market development of titanium alloy materials and products in Europe and the introduction of non-ferrous metal processing technologies. He is the expert for European non-ferrous transactions and has a good grip of Chinese enterprises and guild regulations and laws.