Baoji Zhipu Non-ferrous Metals Processing Co., Ltd

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    Address: Rd. xiguo, chengcang science and technology industrial park,guozhen, Baoji city
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    City: Baoji
    Country: China
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    Description: We have 13 years of experience in non-ferrous metal processing, is a professional manufacturer, through 9001 certification, has its own R&D team, ZHIPU brand was awarded the national famous brand, product quality is excellent, price benefits.
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         Baoji Zhipu non-ferrous metals processing co., ltd was established in 2003 and specialized in deep processing of refractory  metals field. In 13 years’ time,  we have been focusing on tungsten, molybdenum and tantalum finish machining parts in vacuum application industry, especially on vacuum furnace, atmosphere furnace and high temperature furnace. We have accumulated quite experience and technology in technology research and development, furnace transformation, vacuum furnace structure technical exchange and refractory metals'deep processing technological exploration and have been to main supplier of vacuum furnace material and heating room. Now, Zhipu Company is awarded to high-tech enterprise, Shaanxi well-known trademark enterprise and is authorized by the world third party company---- TUV Rhineland Germany. So far, our total assets have 93 million Yuan and 117 employees, among of them, 8 senior engineering and technical employees, 36 intermediate technical employees and more than 63% employees above college education degree.

         In recent years, according to change and demand of new market, company have cooperated with domestic university and research institute and established technology research and development center, aiming at in research of photovoltaic equipment, ynthetic sapphire equipment and refractory metals’ furnace parts.Our products have four series branch: tungsten, molybdenum and tantalum parts in all kinds of high temperature furnace; tungsten wire rope and other series products for pulling method of all kinds of semiconductor crystal growth; tungsten, molybdenum, tantalum and niobium refractory metals’ plates, bars, wires, tubes; various diaphragms and electrodes. Now, we have 20 patents and some of technologies and products are filled of domestic blank.

Products lists:

       1.Tungsten, molybdenum and tantalum parts and heating room series products in all kinds of high temperature furnace;

       2.Tungsten, molybdenum products in crystal furnace of PV industry;

       3.Various single crystal furnaces thermal field tungsten and molybdenum products in sapphire industry;

       4.Diaphragms and electrodes products in various instruments.

Baoji Zhipu Non-ferrous Metals Processing Co., Ltd
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